Drew Brassfield Campaign Begins for State House

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Drew Brassfield Campaign Begins for State House
Challenging Four Price in the Republican primary in March 2018

(AUSTIN, TX)– Drew Brassfield filed the paperwork today to challenge incumbent Four Price in the Republican primary for State Representative in District 87.

“With a background in public service, and a commitment to conservative values, this campaign will give voters a choice,” said Brassfield. “The incumbent has chosen to go along with many of the special interests and elites in Austin, and I will be a legislator who stays committed to the district’s values, and leads on issues that matter to people within the district: securing the border, growing the economy, and ending abortion.”

Drew Brassfield is the City Manager for Fritch, Texas. Brassfield is married and has three children. Brassfield was in the hospital on 9/11 from a car accident when he decided to dedicate his life to public service. He has worked for public groups since, having had a prior background in private business.

Incumbent Four Price has been in office since 2010. Price is a lawyer who went to school in Austin and San Antonio. Price has been an ally of House Speaker Joe Straus, recognized as one of the most liberal Republicans who recently described Governor Abbott’s conservative agenda as “manure.”

“Price has refused to cosponsor legislation to protect the privacy of women in the state’s bathrooms. Price refuses to lead on property tax reform. Price refuses to lead on pro-life bills such as the DNR reform bill. There’s no excuse for these failures, and the district needs new leadership,” Brassfield said. “Lawyers are trained to settle and not lead, but our district needs leadership on our values.”

According to the “Fiscal Responsibility Index” Four Price has a career score of “F” for his legislative record. The Index is compiled by Empower Texans, a group based in Austin and dedicated to lowering taxes for all Texans. Another group, Young Conservatives of Texas, has given Price a rating of 52%, an “F”, earning him the moniker “Republican in Name Only.”

“Leadership for our district, based on a commitment to public service, is one that stands for our values consistently. Our district deserves results on our issues, and I will give our district that choice in March,” said Brassfield.

The Republican Primary election will be held on March 6, 2018.

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