2nd Amendment

I love guns and hunting. I teach my kids about responsible gun handling and ownership. I support Constitutional Carry and will cosponsor any bill that expands and solidifies our vital gun rights.

Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility

Cut taxes, cut spending. Other than increases for inflation, state and local spending should be minimal. We need to cut a lot of waste and fat off the pig we call the state budget. Budgets should be lean and smart and balanced. Common sense should guide our state budgets. I will never support a state income tax or statewide property tax because I don't want someone in Dallas dictating tax rates on Panhandle homes. Money should be kept locally, where it'll be spent wisely and carefully.


Come here legally or go to jail, then get sent home. Our border should be secure and safe. A country without a border isn't a country anymore. The immigration system isn't perfect, but part of being a good citizen is obeying the laws. When we don't know who is coming here, we can't know if they're someone who has committed crimes here before.

Religious Liberty and Privacy Laws

It's sad that things have become so bad that we are forced to worry about our churches being sued and harassed by lawyers and the government. I support churches and their right to be free from frivolous lawsuits, and government pressure. I also support laws that clarify that men are men and women are women. Churches and small businesses shouldn't have to worry about being sued because their men's bathroom is for men, and that the women's bathroom is for women.

Education and School Finance

I whole-heartedly support teachers. Teaching is one of the most demanded-upon, underpaid, and under-appreciated professions. Schools are the backbone of communities. I support local schools, and I want more money in the classrooms. Having worked in a school district for 7 years, I have seen how so many of the laws and court rulings have hurt our schools. I would like to get more money to teachers and into the classrooms to educate our kids. We need to free our schools and administrators from the burdens and paperwork that waste their time.


I am unapologetically pro-life. I support the abortion bans passed by the legislature, and the funding for alternatives to abortion that exist, which help women choose life and help those who want to give the gift of adoption. Abortion is a sign that society isn't doing enough to encourage adoption. It's also important that we regulate and restrict the many complications from abortions that too often go ignored.

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